Checkout Periods

Loan Period Fine Max. Charge
Videos/DVDs   7 days $1.00 $10.00
TV Series-DVDs 21 days $1.00 $10.00
New  Books 14 days $  .10   $3.00
Fiction Books 28 days $  .10   $3.00
Non-fiction Books 28 days $  .10   $3.00
Magazines 14 days $  .10   $3.00
Pamphlets 14 days $  .10   $3.00
Audio Books 28 days $  .10   $3.00
CDs 21 days $  .10   $3.00
Puppets 14 days $  .10   $3.00
Puzzles 14 days $  .10   $3.00

There are no limits on materials, except for videos/DVDs. There is
a maximum of 5 per family. Reference materials do not circulate.
A library user who owes $2.00 or more in fines or has lost or damaged
items will be denied privileges until the account is paid in full.

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Checkouts and Returns

To check out library materials, bring the items and your library
card to the Circulation Desk. Items will not be checked out without
presenting your library card. A receipt will be printed with them.

When returning your items to the library, deposit them in the
appropriate drop site. If the item you are returning is overdue and
you want to pay the fine, bring it directly to the circulation desk
during the library open hours. Although the outside book drop is
provided for the convenience of library users, be aware that the
return is vulnerable to theft and vandalism. The library user is
responsible for items returned in the book drop return.

Library items which are returned damaged will be assessed a repair
or replacement fee plus a $3.00 reprocessing fee. Damage includes,
but is not limited to, books that are stained or soiled, moldy, water
soaked, or chewed by a pet. Charges will also be assessed for items
returned with highlighting, underlining, or writing. Damage to
no-print items includes broken cases and torn or broken tapes or
DVDs. Lost items will be assessed a replacement fee plus a $3.00
reprocessing fee.

The library reserves the right to limit circulation time on
materials in great demand.

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Library Cards and Borrowing Privileges

Persons providing proof of any of the following may be issued a
library card free of charge.

  • Residence in the Township or Village of Theresa.
  • Residence in an area of Dodge County surrounding the Township
    and Village of Theresa not directly served by another library.
  • Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious,
    racial, social, economic, or political status.

A library card application may be printed off below, filled in, and
brought to the library with proper identification.

Library Card Application

Adult library cards may be issued to adults (18 years and older).

Juvenile library cards may be issued to children who are in
Kindergarten, and to children through age seventeen, with
parental signature.

Library cards are issued for a period of one year. When this
period has expired, cards must be reviewed. Any person owing money
for a fine or lost materials may not receive a new card until the
money has been paid.

While there is no charge for an initial issuance of a library
card, a charge of $1.00 will be assessed to replace a card that has
been lost.

A valid borrower’s card must be presented every time library
materials are checked out.

Persons possessing valid library cards from a public library in
the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System, or any adjoining system
with which the Mid-Wisconsin System has a reciprocal borrowing
agreement may check out materials using the card issued by their home
library. If home card can not be accepted by automated system,
borrower may apply for a Theresa Public Library card. Confirmation of
identity will be required.

Restricted cards will be issued at the request of a parent or
guardian and must be signed in the presence of a librarian.

Children may consent to waive their rights to confidentiality when
their parents’ request information about titles a child has checked
out. When children become eligible for an adult card they may revoke
this permission.

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