Snap Circuit

Theresa Public Library has added a snap Circuits Light set to our Makerspace. It will be available Oct. 11-15 to give it a try. To use the Snap Circuits Light Electronic Exploration Kit1. Sign up at the Circulation Desk with the Library Assistant2. View the program guidelines and sign the Policy Agreement 3. Collect the quick guide from Librarian or it will be within the box given.4. Take to the back “Maker Space” area to work on Item and if you have any questions, please feel free to see the Library assistant available. Watch the following videos for information on quick start and easy steps to begin your project. for the Snap Circuits IMPORTANT to have FRESH BATTERIES, check with the librarian at her desk. This project is recommended for children at least 8 years of age with a good reading ability or the assistance of a parent or older helper. There are over 180 projects, beginning with basics and growing to more sophisticated and difficult projects. The booklet is very self-explanatory. Take a few minutes to go thru the booklet especially the table of contents. There are some basic instructions and there are some very helpful hints on what NOT to do to this circuit board. The goal is to try some new things, make some lights shine, blow some horns and have fun while learning the basics of circuits. Pages 2 and 3 lists each of the parts and has a picture to identify it. Pages 4 and 5 show HOW TO information. Pages 6 thru 8 defines and describes the moving parts of the Snap Circuits. The GRID is where you will set up the layout, and the parts all have areas to be placed back in when complete.

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